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Pediatric & Pregnancy Chiropractic in Fergus

Chiropractic care is natural, gentle health care for children. The birthing process is an extremely traumatic event for a baby to go through, and may create spinal misalignments. Correcting the problem now may stop it from becoming chronic and affecting your child’s quality of life in years to come. Our bodies know what they need—a healthy nervous system is key to optimal wellness for a lifetime.

At our practice, we care for our littlest patients from birth until they’re ready to move into adulthood, usually around the age of 16. The benefits of having your child start care from birth are many. Dr. Connor likes to tell people that he’s a living example of the difference it can make for your child.

Why Does My Child Need Chiropractic Care?

Infants and small children can’t tell us what’s hurting them, but it’s obvious when something is wrong. These early years are critical for their development, so ensuring that the connection between the brain and the other systems in their body is as optimal as possible is especially important.

We assess the alignment of your baby’s spine, pelvis, and skull. By checking your child as early as possible, corrections may be made to prevent problems from becoming permanent. Even with the many bumps and falls of childhood, regular chiropractic visits as the child grows keep their spine healthy, allowing their bodies to do what they’re meant to—grow, thrive, and meet their milestones.

pregnant person with hands on belly

Pregnancy Chiropractic

The first question everyone asks about chiropractic during pregnancy is “How safe is it?” We’re happy to let you know that not only is it incredibly safe, but also very gentle, and best of all—completely natural.

It’s actually vital to keep the mother’s nervous system as clear as possible, because after all, she’s growing life inside of her. The brain controls all processes in the body and communicates to the womb, helping the growing process of this new person inside of her. It also ensures that the mother’s pelvis is properly aligned as much as possible at the end of the term, to help with an easier birthing process.

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