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Nov 11/19 - Research Reveals Chiropractic Benefit for Arthritis Sufferers

Nov 4/19 - Decreased Spinal Curvature Doubles Risk of Disc Herniation

Oct 21/19 - Ear Infections Hurt!

Oct 14/19 - Back to School, Bedtimes, Schedules and Health

Oct 7/19 - Neck and Spinal Health

Sep 30/19 - Spinal health and Car Alignments

Sep 23/19 - Dangerous Conditions Exist without the Presence of Pain

Sep 9/19 - The Value of Chiropractic Care

Sep 3/19 - Report Links "Horn-like Growth" on the Back of the Skull

Aug 26/19 - New Research Asserts Brain Power

Aug 19/19 - Poor Spine and Posture Health

Aug 12/19 - Let Them Crawl

Aug 6/19 -  Research:  Feeding Problems, Sleep Issues, Excessive Crying

Jul 22/19 - Pain Occurs in the Brain

Jul 15/19 - What Happens in the Vagus…

Jul 8/19 - Chiropractic Brings Relief  to People Struggling with Degenerative Discs 

Jul 1/19 - Texting Posture Amounts to Carrying a Bowling Ball on the Neck

Jun 24/19 - Chiropractic Relieves Migraine Pain

Jun 17/19 - Opioid Drugs Proven Less Effective than NSAIDs for Pain 

Jun 10/19 - Chiropractic Helps Lower Surgeries, Days in Hospital

Jun 3/19 - Improvement in Neck Curve Increases Brain Blood Flow

May 29/19 - The Best Athletes in the World

May 20/19 - It's All About the Brain and Nervous System

May 13/19 - Adjustments Improvement Mobility and Minimize the Degenerative Process

May 6/19 - Chiropractic Helps Avoid the Dangers and Risks of Medications

Apr 29/19 - Healing Takes Time

Apr 22/19 - Sitting Rivals the Dangers of Smoking

Apr 15/19 - From Iowa to Corners of the Globe Chiropractic Provides Better Health Care for Millions

Apr 1/19 - It's All About the Brain

Mar 25/19 - Avoiding Back Pain Makes It Worse

Mar 18/19 - Research Reveals Shocking Findings of the Spine

Mar 11/19 - Regular Chiropractic Care Proves to Deliver the Greatest Results

Mar 4/19 - Chiropractic:  The Ultimate Cold and Flu Remedy

Feb 25/19 - February is Heart Month

Feb 18/19 - Runners Gain a Competitive Advantage

Feb 11/19 - Chiropractic Protects Against Falls

Feb 4/19 - Neck Problems Linked to Heart

Jan 28/19 - Chiropractic Gets to the Cause of the Problem

Jan 21/19 - A Pain in the Neck?

Jan 14/19 - The Most Gentle Car Accidents Still Cause Whiplash Damage

Jan 7/19 - Research Proves Chiropractic Works Best without the Presences of Pain or Symptoms

Dec 17/18 - Holidays are Meant for the Heart

Dec 3/18 - Conjoined Twins Help Explain the Influence of Chiropractic on Immunity

Nov 26/18 - Chiropractic Provides the Ultimate Holiday Stress Reliever

Nov 19/18 - A Christmas Gift of Health

Nov 12/18 - Regular Chiropractic Care Proves to Deliver the Greatest Results

Nov 5/18 - Kids of all Ages Deserve the Chiropractic Advantage

Oct 29/18 - Concussion and Chiropractic

Oct 15/18 - New Research on Headaches, Depression and Chiropractic

Oct 1/18 - Chiropractic Lowers Adverse Drug Events by 51%

Sep 24/18 - Babies Need Chiropractic Too

Sep 17/18 - Experts: Allergy Seasons Continue To Worsen

Sep 3/18 - Back To School

Aug 27/18 - Better Sleep Means Better Healing

Aug 20/18 - Chiropractic Brings A Proven Balance To The Body During Times Of Stress

Aug 13/18 - Migraine Sufferers Need A Chiropractor

Aug 10/18 - Chiropractic Keeps The Body Young

Jul 23/18 - Chiropractic Gets To The Heart Of The Matter

Jul 16/18 - Conquering Chronic Pain

Jul 9/18 - The Central Nervous System - Why Chiropractic Matters

Jul 2/18 - Chiropractic Adjustments Help Optimize Weight Loss Goals

June 25/18 - How Can Chiropractic Help With Sciatica?

June 18/18 - Why Do Most Professional Athletes And Teams Employ A Chiropractor?

June 11/18 - One Of The Greatest Benefits Of Chiropractic

June 4/18 - Chiropractic Improves Balance And Coordination

May 28/18 - Poor Posture Increases Risk Of Disability

May 21/18 - Chiropractic Helps Children Who Suffer From Bedwetting

May 14/18 - A Chiropractic Defense Against Pollen

May 7/18 - Headaches Are Literally A Pain

Apr 16/18 - How Are So Many Children With Autism Helped By Chiropractic

Apr 9/18 - Opioid Drugs Kill

Apr 2/18 - Health Benefits Continue

Mar 26/18 - Chiropractic Combats Text Neck

Mar 18/18 - Curves Matter

Mar 12/18 - Seasonal Germs Do Not Exist

Feb 26/18 - Chiropractic Improves Weight Loss

Feb 20/18 - Chiropractic Reduces Depression, Anxiety And Fatigue

Feb 12/18 - Chiropractic Improves Heart Rate

Feb 5/18 - Chiropractic Changes DNA End Caps

Jan 29/18 - Get Energized With Chiropractic!

Jan 22/18 - The Father Of Medicine

Jan 15/18 - Chiropractic Adjustments Help To Maximize New Goals

Jan 8/18 - Being You In 2018

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